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Lucas Korte, Der Trepanomikönen


Der Trepanomikönen
by Lucas Korte


Available Formats:

—Read Online

—Casebound (62 pages)



“With the precision of a skull drill, Der Trepanomikönen cracks open the fragile borders we erect between our bodies and their alien extensions. These are horror’s celebrity chefs.”

— Kate Marshall, author of Corridor: Media Architectures in American Fiction


This elaborately illustrated artist’s book is a funny, sarcastic inquiry into something like the idea of “democratic bio- materialism:” bodies implicated in networks of language, politics, consumption (eating), and exchange. Der Trepanomikönen is “the guidebook for tomorrow’s ultratellurian bureau- hegemony and all of its associated eating noises.”


About the Author

Lucas Korte is an artist and educator who lives and works in Detroit, Michigan, and South Bend, Indiana.

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